What Are Sacred Contracts?

So, what are Sacred Contracts anyway? I believe they are choices and agreements we make with each other on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. See, we all choose who our mother, father, brothers and sisters will be, before ever entering this 3 dimensional earth plane. You are not here by accident. You chose to be here. Not only do you choose what family you will be born into, but you also choose the lessons you intend to learn during this lifetime. While deciding what lessons will bring your soul enlightenment, you make agreements with other souls who agree to come into the world at the same time and be there to help you learn those lessons. These are what I believe to be “Sacred Contracts” or “Soul Agreements”. You also do the same for other souls.

So, when you have someone come into your life that you find annoying or unlikeable, remember that you probably asked them to show up in your life for a particular lesson. And here’s the kicker, they loved you enough, on a soul level, to agree to help you learn and grow.

This is true for everyone. No one is here by mistake. So, the next time you see someone where you ask yourself – why is this person here? They are not leading a productive life, they’re just existing or something similar….. think about this….. either they have lost their connection to their own soul and might possibly need help or, more likely, they agreed to be here to be someone’s lesson. You are also here to be someone’s teacher. We all are. We are all in this together and are creating scenarios for each of us to grow and evolve.

I know of a young man who chose a very tough life path. He chose to be born to a teen mom, who really didn’t want to play the role of mommy. He was passed around from Mom to Grandma, to Aunts and back again to Mom. He never did have a stable home. Most of the time he didn’t even have his own room, he slept on someone’s couch. Now he’s 17 years old, almost out of high school and his mom has a new boyfriend. The boyfriend, unfortunately is not a great guy, been in and out of jail and doesn’t treat the son very well. So, one night the young man gets in a fight with the boyfriend and ends up being beat up and thrown out of the house.

These are a lot of challenges and lessons that this soul chose for this lifetime and he apparently wanted to get through them quickly. The soul isn’t stupid though. When we choose our lessons, we also choose our tools to overcome the challenges and learn the wisdom in those experiences.

This young man’s soul brought the right tools with him. He is very smart. He is very athletic. Right now at 17, he knows he needs to finish high school and continue with his education if he is ever going to change his life. His soul knew what he would need. Intelligence and a healthy body. With his grades and athletic abilities, he can easily get scholarships to continue his education if he applies himself. This is where free will comes into play!

We all come with our intentions and agreements, but we still have free will. We can choose to learn the wisdom offered in such experiences and use the talents and skills that we brought with us, or we can keep recreating the same lesson. It’s up to us.

If we choose to forgive the actions, but keep the wisdom, we are in a better position to use our talents and skills to follow our passions. Our gifts, talents and skills will ultimately lead us to living our lives “on purpose”. Living with a sense of knowing why you’re here and that you matter, will lead to living a joyful, passionate life.

The important thing to remember, though, is that on a soul level, all the people in this young man’s life loved him so much, that they agreed to play these roles for him. He also loved them enough to agree to play his role in their lessons. The soul knows only love, it is only through our human experience with an ego that we learn the full rainbow of emotions. In truth, we are magnificent spiritual beings having a human experience – it’s not always easy, but it’s always enlightening!

If you would like to delve more into the subject of sacred contracts, I recommend the wonderful book written by Caroline Myss called Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.