Treasure Your Flaws - Sometimes They Are Your Greatest Gifts

At the age of 3 (or was it 4?) I had the good fortune to be hit in the eye with a stick - causing almost total blindness in my left eye.

Now, I'm sure my family felt that it was a tragic accident and a terrible thing to happen to such a small child. My brother, who was holding the stick, probably didn't see the "good fortune" in it either, but that's another story.

At the time, all I remember is many visits to the doctor. These visits were invariably associated with eye drops followed by the ever- present eye patch. I'm not sure how long this healing process took, but I do remember being told that " as soon as the blood behind the eye is absorbed, vision will be restored". As it turns out, the doctors were wrong, the vision never was restored, except thankfully for some peripheral sight.

Having been faced with this condition at such an early age, it was easy to adapt to the differences in vision and compensate automatically. See, if you only have one eye, you live in a 2 dimensional world. There is no depth perception. It's very difficult to tell distances between objects. You really can't tell if it's a few inches or several feet. This isn't too much of a problem once you get the hang of things, but I still  sometimes miss the glass when pouring a drink or go to put something on a table and let go a little too early and whatever I had falls on the floor with a crash! And you know those cool 3D movies that have become so popular? Yep, can't see them either - with or without the special glasses.

Inspite of these things though, the only downside I can remember was that, because of the blow to the eye, my left eye wasn't straight. It always looked to the left no matter what my right eye was looking at! Not cool if you're a kid in school. We all know children can be very cruel and it was not unusual for my mother to find me in tears upon returning from a day with my fellow students.
This changed though when, at the age of 9, my mother found an organization that would pay to have my eye straightened. The surgery was scheduled and soon my blind eye was at least able follow my good eye.

I tell you this story, not for pity or sympathy, but because I learned so many things that I otherwise never would have learned.

I learned that I am not a victim.  I am not different than anybody else.  Being so little when it happened - I don't remember what it was like to see with both eyes, so I learned to do things I wanted to do even if it took a little extra effort or practice. I did acrobatics, routines on uneven parallel bars, baton twirling - things that normally required depth perception. I did it anyway.
At times frustration would get the better of me, but I perservered and just did it.  My most frustrating and at the same time proudest accomplishment, was learning to play squash. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with the game, it's played in Europe and is pretty much like racquetball except the racket has a longer handle. It requires speed on your feet and in your thinking and yes - depth perception. (Just how far away is that ball from the wall anyway....) I learned to play and actually won a few tournaments.... The point I'm trying to make is this - don't let other people tell you that you are not capable. Only YOU can decide just how capable you are.

This is actually the smaller lesson I learned. The big one is simply having more compassion for other people.
When other people complain about a person having trouble trying to park their car, or making a really wide turn or some other annoying behavior- I ask them to be patient, and point out that the person might not have the same faculties that other people do.

I also taught my children to NEVER, EVER make fun of someone for something that they can't help.  
Although these don't sound like much - they are profound insights that help make this world just a little kinder.  As I go through life, I often smile and remind others that people are not intentionally out to aggravate you (well, not usually) they are just doing the best they can with the resources they have. And that's alright.
I leave you with this last thought. Remember when your mother told you "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!" It's true, when that happens, it becomes a life lesson.

The Magic Is In Your Words

It never ceases to amaze me how careless people are with their words. You see, it's important to monitor your words and thoughts for they create your world.

Let me explain, words stem from thoughts, thoughts are energy and the spoken word is very powerful at sending that energy out into the universe. The energy is a vibration and as it goes out into the universe it proceeds to attract things with the same vibratory frequency.

This is what the Law of Attraction is all about. Things of the same vibration will be aimed directly at you and depending on how much you focus on your thoughts and how much feeling you put into them, they will promptly land on your doorstep. This applies to good things as well as bad things!

This is not to say that everything you say and think will immediately appear in your world. It does mean though, that you want to be more particular of things you think and say regularly and consistently with emotion.

This is what visualization and manifesting consists of. You visualize what you would like to create in your life. This means focusing your thoughts, then you add the secret ingredient called "feelings" and this becomes the embryo of your new creation.

The problem that most people have is that they don't realize that this process is part of the Universal Laws - it works whether you believe or are aware of it or not! Which means it's always in effect. Kind of like gravity. Just because you don't understand it or maybe don't believe in it - if you throw a rock in the air, it will still come down and possibly hit you in the head!

Look around you - think of some of the things you say consistently. Now look at some of the results in your life. Do you see the connection?

Intention and expectancy play a role in this also.

I know a man that has a fixed opinion about a certain stretch of highway. He insists that it is always a madhouse with nothing but crazy drivers on that section of the road. He voices this regularly when discussing traveling on this section of the highway and guess what? He invariably experiences exactly that.

I, on the other hand have no such pre-set opinion of that section of highway and tend to breeze through without incident or aggravation.

What you think about, you bring about. Be careful of your thoughts and speech. If you are having financial difficulties, don't dwell on them, look for solutions instead. And don't say things like "as soon as I'm back on my feet" because you just might wind up losing your car! The universe doesn't joke around. What you send out, you will get back. And that's something to think about....


What does it mean to follow your intuition? It means taking a moment to quiet the chatter going on inside your head and just “feel” what you know is right. So often I have had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind somewhere, something that I hadn’t even formed into words. I chose to ignore it, only to find later, that I could have avoided many challenges if I had only paid attention to that “nagging” feeling.

Sometimes it was something as simple as “ go put another quarter in the parking meter”. Our Angels and Spirit Guides are constantly guiding us, but given the fact that God gave us free will, we don’t have to listen to the loving guidance they share with us. I am learning to seriously pay attention to the “feelings” and “knowingness” that I experience and I am finding a life that is truly refreshing.
 It’s about faith; it’s about knowing that all abundance comes from God and believing that no matter what your outer situation may look like, you WILL prevail. It’s about following what you know is right, even if every logical reason in the world points you in a different direction.

You take that plunge into the unknown with some trepidation because having an ego sometimes doesn’t allow you to have 100% faith, but you KNOW that somehow it’s the right thing to do. It takes practice for some, but I have learned that when there is confusion in my life and I believe I don’t know what to do next; I can relax my mind, tell my ego to sit in a corner for awhile, and find that I already knew the answer. It’s trusting that feeling. It’s learning to rely on that knowingness.
 Life is so much less stressful when you realize you are not alone. If you choose to be guided, you can tap into that awesome support team that surrounds each of us. I now take the time to put those “vague feelings” into words and look at what I am being shown. Sometimes I don’t feel ready or “qualified” for a new challenge, but if it is being shown clearly to me, then I am indeed qualified in Heaven’s eyes. It is an abundant, loving, magical universe we live in- if we choose to perceive it as such. Trusting your intuition is your very first step in achieving that perception of your world.
 Welcome to the adventure of Spiritual Enlightenment – you will never be the same again!

You are the only person on this earth that can use your abilities - don't waste them

Too many people tip - toe quietly through life and never use the talents they were born with. I believe that each and every one of us came here with a purpose, with unique abilities that only we can give to the world.

There is a new wind blowing and it's time you dig deep and find the courage to BE who you came here to be. You, yes YOU have something to share with the world. What will it be?

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