The Magic Is In Your Words

It never ceases to amaze me how careless people are with their words. You see, it's important to monitor your words and thoughts for they create your world.

Let me explain, words stem from thoughts, thoughts are energy and the spoken word is very powerful at sending that energy out into the universe. The energy is a vibration and as it goes out into the universe it proceeds to attract things with the same vibratory frequency.

This is what the Law of Attraction is all about. Things of the same vibration will be aimed directly at you and depending on how much you focus on your thoughts and how much feeling you put into them, they will promptly land on your doorstep. This applies to good things as well as bad things!

This is not to say that everything you say and think will immediately appear in your world. It does mean though, that you want to be more particular of things you think and say regularly and consistently with emotion.

This is what visualization and manifesting consists of. You visualize what you would like to create in your life. This means focusing your thoughts, then you add the secret ingredient called "feelings" and this becomes the embryo of your new creation.

The problem that most people have is that they don't realize that this process is part of the Universal Laws - it works whether you believe or are aware of it or not! Which means it's always in effect. Kind of like gravity. Just because you don't understand it or maybe don't believe in it - if you throw a rock in the air, it will still come down and possibly hit you in the head!

Look around you - think of some of the things you say consistently. Now look at some of the results in your life. Do you see the connection?

Intention and expectancy play a role in this also.

I know a man that has a fixed opinion about a certain stretch of highway. He insists that it is always a madhouse with nothing but crazy drivers on that section of the road. He voices this regularly when discussing traveling on this section of the highway and guess what? He invariably experiences exactly that.

I, on the other hand have no such pre-set opinion of that section of highway and tend to breeze through without incident or aggravation.

What you think about, you bring about. Be careful of your thoughts and speech. If you are having financial difficulties, don't dwell on them, look for solutions instead. And don't say things like "as soon as I'm back on my feet" because you just might wind up losing your car! The universe doesn't joke around. What you send out, you will get back. And that's something to think about....

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